User Questionnaire Prize Draw Results


Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the User Questionnaire Prize Draw which has now closed.

To keep it fair each participant was numbered as they completed the survey, once the survey had closed Siri was asked to name a random number who would then be the winner of the £25 Amazon voucher.   The winner has been notified by email (please check your junk mail!) we are awaiting their response regarding naming them here (this blog will be updated when we get a reply)


In the spirit of being open and honest, hey it’s the whole point of here is a summary of the results from the survey (we hope you like pie!)…

1: Please fill in your registered Let’s Call Bull User Name or email address

This was obviously for registration and no we won’t be sharing any of this information!

2: How Visually appealing is our website?


As you can see from the results above a whopping 91% think the site is anywhere from appealing to Extremely Appealing, wow thank you for the compliment it means a lot!

3: How Easy is it to set up and account and log in to our website?


No real shock here as we have made it as simple as possible for people to get involved and have their say so the tiny 3% who thought it was very difficult are definitely in the minority

4: Did you experience any of the following issues on our website? (Please select all that apply.)


With 88% of people reporting no issues at all, we were off to a good start.  The most problematic issue was with 8.5% of people finding the pages load too slowly.  We have checked the server and it is rock solid this side and looking at the location of the participants who had this issue we think it is most likely to be an issue that they face in general on the internet rather than on LCB specifically so we can’t do much to help out.

5: What area(s) of our website do you visit? (Please select all that apply.)


Interesting results here, it looks like Top Stories, Entertainment, Celebrity and Health & Fitness make up the majority of most ‘Callers’ visits to the site (which our Google Analytics agrees with)

6: How often do you use our website?


This we did not expect, only 20% of you are daily visitors and in total 40% of our ‘Callers’ visit once a week or more often.  That left 60% that claim to visit from several time a month to never.  This initially seemed weird as again Google analytics has been telling us a different story.  Looking into this a lot closer we found that once we posted the £25 Prize Draw online we got a raft of new users who had literally just visited the site for the first time so ‘less than once a month’ would be absolutely right but hey now you’re all here don’t be afraid to get involved they’re a friendly bunch over at

7: How do you follow


No real shock that 91% of people come to the main site to see what’s happening, and then around a quarter or ‘Callers’ trawl Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well

8: How easy is it to navigate around the site?


With a whopping 89% finding it from Easy to Every easy its great to know that you are finding the site easy to get around and find content on

9: How easy is it to upload articles or comment?


This one surprised us, a straight 60% claimed to find it easy to very easy and nobody found it difficult or very difficult.  However, of all the registered users there are only a handful actually posting or commenting with the thousands of others voting or passing through so we need to look at HOW to entice more people to get involved

10: Would you prefer an app-based version of the site instead?